What I Stand For...

I believe that the people of Utah deserve elected officials that will represent people over a political party. I know that my moderate values more closely represent a majority of this state better than any far right or far left platform ever could.
For a long time, many people in this state have felt that they do not have a seat at the table.
Well, it's time to make a bigger table.

I value quality public education for all children. We need to support teachers by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to teach effectively. Education is the means to self-reliance. Ensuring a quality education now prevents needing help later. Funding education now means meaningful careers down the line.


Caring for the sick and afflicted is a key aspect of being a part of a moral society. Working to implement and continue healthcare reform is our part of that responsibility. All have a right to be taken care of, when that’s not offered through other means.

Hill Air Force Base

I understand the important role that Hill Air Force Base plays in our community. Hill AFB provides 47,000 jobs locally and accounts for $3.4 billion in economic benefits to the area. We need to continue to fight for this vital partner in our community.

Public Lands

We must keep our public lands public. These lands belong to all of us and should be protected from private corporations and special interest groups that are looking to profit off them. I am committed to preserving these sacred lands for our children and grand-children.  


The best work can come when we share stewardship and agency, working to make America a better place. After all, ‘there must needs be an opposition in all things.’ Working together towards common goals results in ideas that are best for everyone.


Immigration has served as a foundation for American innovation and greatness since America’s founding. Compassionate reform that keeps families together, protects American jobs, allows businesses to find needed employees, and creates a simple path for legal residence is necessary to keep the American dream a reality.  

Economic Opportunity

We each have a responsibility to help all reach self-reliance. Honest pay for an honest day’s work creates a strong economy, enabling self-reliant families. A more self-reliant America is a stronger America. I believe that a hand up prevents hand outs in the future.


As stewards of the earth, we should strive to recycle what we can, use energy wisely, and seek to create a cleaner world. Caring for the environment is a sign of respect for the Earth and our children. Our public policy should reflect that imperative. We only have one earth, we should take care of it by working to improve air and water quality in Utah.

Common Sense Gun Laws

As a proud gun owner, I believe in and support our 2nd Amendment Right. I also believe that it is the right of every American to live without the fear of gun violence when they are at school, at the movies, or in their homes. I support common sense laws that will keep guns out of the hands of those that look to harm us and our children.

Campaign Finance Reform

Many Utahans are cynical about a political system that seems to be controlled by corporations and special interest groups. We need aggressive campaign finance reform in Utah. We need representatives that will fight to make our democracy work for everyone—not just the wealthy and well-connected.


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© 2018 by  Jason M. Allen for Utah House District 11