The Moderate Choice for the Best Possible Future

My name is Jason Allen and I want to represent you in the Utah State Legislature.

I come from a strong family with a proud history of public service. My grandfather, Dee Wilcox, taught me the importance of integrity in politics by serving for 20 years as the Weber County Clerk Auditor. My father, Mark Allen, has shown me the importance of hard work and selflessness while serving as the mayor of Washington Terrace for the past 18 years. I hope to build upon their service and leave a legacy of my own that my posterity can be proud of.

My background makes me uniquely qualified to serve in the Utah State Legislature. I am a lifelong resident of House District 11, currently residing in Washington Terrace, and a graduate of Bonneville High School (GO LAKERS!). I am a husband of an incredible wife, and the father of four amazing sons. I am a civil engineer, licensed in six states. I am also a former high school math teacher and an entrepreneur. I am active and have held many callings in my religion, and I am an avid baseball coach and volunteer for the Washington Terrace baseball program. Each of these things has given me insight into what we can do to make our community stronger by planning for the best possible future for our children and grandchildren.

For years, I have felt that I am not adequately represented by a far right or far left platform. In speaking with others, I realized that I am not alone. While a small percentage of Utahans fall into the far right or far left, I believe that a majority of us tend to land more toward the middle, regardless of the political party that we belong to.


I consider myself a moderate, just like many of you.

I work two jobs to make ends meet, just like many of you.

I want to see more money go to education, just like many of you.

I want cleaner air, just like many of you.

And just like many of you, I want a representative with common sense, not another politician who chooses party over people.

Please vote for me this November, and we can work together for the best possible future for Utah and its residents.

Thank you for your time,



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© 2018 by  Jason M. Allen for Utah House District 11